N65 is a four-time design award winner 2024

We are thrilled that our baby monitor, the N65 has won the prestigious German Design Award, iF Design award, Red Dot Award and German Innovation Award 2024! This is truly a recognition of the hard work put into making this audio baby monitor.

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German innovation award 2024

The German Design Award jury had the following statement: «The ’Neonate N65’ baby monitor is reminiscent of modern smartphones in terms of design, allows several rooms to be monitored simultaneously and is simple and intuitive to use. A contemporary, cleanly designed tool that gives parents more time for themselves.» It is awesome to see that the hard work put down in this product also bear fruits outside our main market Scandinavia.

"...simple and intuitive to use. A contemporary, cleanly designed tool that gives parents more time for themselves."

These award wins are really important for us, not only acknowledging the product’s good UX and design, but also acknowledging the direction we are heading in, products that lasts longer, and are more environment friendly. N65 is designed to last. We have eliminated almost all glue in production, making it possible to demount the models, and repair or replace broken parts. With N65 we also have the ability to update the software of the product. This enables continuous product development, quicker resolution of support issues through software updates, higher customer satisfaction, faster support processes, reduced warranty-related costs, and an extended lifespan for many products. We have also reduced the size of the packaging with 30% compared to the legazy product. And we have replaced all plastic in the packaging with recyclable paper pulp.

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