Neonate BC-8000DV

 249.00 ,-

Neonate BC-8000DV

 249.00 ,-


Range video

Range audio



Audio only

Up to 300 meters

Up to 800 meters

Up to 40 hours 

Low – Max 125mW


With the BC-8000DV video monitor you can connect up to 4 different baby units to the same parrent unit. This makes it the perfect baby monitor for parrents with multiple children.

The standard box contains 1 baby unit.
Extra baby units are sold separatly.

BC-8000DV is also compatible with baby units from some other Neonate models. (BC-6500D and BC-6900D). If you connect a compaddible audio baby unit to BC-8000DV the screen will show “no video detected” but the but you will still recieve the audio.

Examples of pairing options for BC-8000DV:
(a) - 2x BU-80DV (video)
(b) - 1x BU-80DV (video) and 1x BU-65D/69D (audio)
(c) - 2x BU-80DV (video), 2x BU-65D/69D (audio) 
(d) - 4x BU-80DV (video)

This model has two way communication, making it possible for the parent to talk to the child by pressing the talk back button.

You can set an alarm that warns you if the temperature in your baby’s surroundings is too high or too low.

If the parent unit moves out of range from the baby unit, it will trigger the out of range alarm.

The camera on the baby unit has sufficient IR Led’s to make the image of your child highly visible at night.

The BC-8000DV parent unit have different modes for optimal control of the camera and options to maintain low radiation and preserve power:

1. LCD ON/OFF mode – LCD on always and transmitting video, only transmitting audio if baby makes a sound.

2. VIDEO VOX mode – LCD turns on automatically and transmit video and audio if baby makes a sound.

3. AUDIO ONLY mode – LCD is off, only audio is transmitted if baby makes a sound.

With the included mounting kit, baby unit (camera) can be fitted multiple places, even inside the stroller hood.

Neonate BC-8000DV is the worlds 1st and only video model with 800m audio range, making it possible to alert the parents even when video signal is out of range. With this model you get the peace of mind that visual confirmation can provide, as well as the felxiblitity that comes with super long audio range. It truly is the best of two worlds.

Baby unit


Parent unit



What makes Neonate special?

Long life battery
All Neonate models uses Lithium rechargeable batteries, with two year
Low radiation
Neonates unique system emits only 8% compared the most common baby monitor system today (DECT).
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Made for the nordic climate
Neonate alerts you when temperature changes, allowing safe naps outdoors, all year round. Our models are still working at -19°C.
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Excellent range
Neonate baby monitors have up to 800 meters audio range.
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